Where there's a witch...

There's a way.

About the Book Project

After accidentally exposing her family’s powers, mistake-prone witch Jasmine Devereux is forbidden from spellcasting to avenge society’s wrongs against women as she and her female relatives have done for centuries. But when her gay brother asks her to settle the score with a dangerous and homophobic media star, Jasmine must decide whether to defy her family—and risk the destruction of their karmic magic—in order to do what she believes is right.

Where there’s a witch, There’s a way... (4)

About Suzanne

I’m a novelist, award-winning essayist, avid reader, and lifelong journal writer. I’m a native Texan and divide my time between Texas and Colorado. You’ll typically find me in a comfy place reading a good book, hiking in the mountains, hanging out with my family, and avoiding any surprise encounters with moose.


From my first piece in my public accounting firm's newsletter, I was hooked on essay-writing. That may have been a random assignment, but it reignited my childhood dream of writing. Since then, my essays about family life, mothering, and women's issues have been published in a variety of national magazines, journals, and newspapers.